Guests should understand that anyone who enters the Shakila Property does so at his/her own risk.  Neither the owner of the Farm, nor the booking Agent will be held responsible for any death injury or illness, sustained or suffered by any person or loss or damage of any property, occurring directly or indirectly from any cause whatsoever.  Furthermore, neither the owner of the property, nor the booking Agent accepts responsibility for any consequential loss sustained or suffered by the accommodation not being available through Vis Major or any other reason whatsoever.


Sometimes, things come up and guests have to cancel.  To keep things uncomplicated and running smoothly, it will be required that you can choose a cancelation policy for each of your listings.  When you are ready to do that, here’s how:



Full refund” refers to your nightly rate only.  Refunds at Shakila guest fees depend and are inclusive of  several factors. 

  1. Guests claiming full refund will have appropriate reasons that is accepted by Shakila Management.
  2. To receive a full refund, guests must cancel within 48 hours of their booking, and the cancellation must occur at least 14 days before check in. Exceptions to this rule must be explained by the Guest and the relevant reasons for their cancellation substantiated.
  3. Exceptions to the above, namely that guest’s submission as well as circumstances, as and when received at Shakila, will be considered and discussed and feedback given.
  4. Please take note that the cleaning fee as well as banking fees will not be part of the “full refund”. Thus, guests will forfeit this amount.
  5. All Eskom (electricity rates) expenses incurred in preparation of the jacuzzi. Thus, guests will forfeit this amount.
  6. It is reasonable to expect that Guests may lodge an application to be refunded and explain what occurred to warrant refunding in full. This includes providing their bank account.    As per above guideline, paragraph a. any application for refund must please be forwarded by email to info@shakila.co.za.   No application,  no consideration of the problem or application for refund –   late application may  result that Shakila Management will not consider a refund. 
  7. Should the refund however be warranted, the repayment will occur within 7 working days and paid into the relevant bank account as provided by the Guest.


  • This policy applies to all bookings or stays of 28 days or longer and overrides the above cancellation policy.
  • To receive a full refund, guests must cancel within 48 hours of booking, and the cancellation must occur at least 28 days before check in.


A Non-refundable option is a discount, which is typically 15% off the base price. At checkout, guests either select your standard rate subject to your cancellation policy – or the discounted, non-refundable rate.  There is no refund should cancellation occur during stay of the Guests.   However where there are special and personal circumstances pertaining to the Guest or Guest’s, and or at the Shakila Camping Site, such as environmental occurrences causing upheavals and or displacements, it is very important to  keep record whilst discussing  these problems on site between the  Shakila Admin Managers. The aim is to achieve agreeable solution and satisfaction. 


Long Term Bookings require a 50% deposit of the Reservation Fee.  The admin Office will indicate such on the reservation documents. 

If a 50% deposit has been paid, the outstanding amount of the reservation fee is to be paid 7 days prior to the stay at the Shakila Safari Tent Facilities.  This arrangement is important because of the current On Line processes there are no Administration Facilities at the Entrance of The Shakila Private Nature Reserve.

No Payments on Arrival Please.  Exceptions are to be arranged with the Administration office, Theunis Kruger – 0832805190 or Carol 0824161508.


Times of arrival and or departure is to be arranged directly with the Administration Office – Theunis Kruger 0832805190 or Carol 0824161508. 

This arrangement is to facilitate ease of movement in the Reserve as well as  peace of mind.  We wish our Guests a peaceful and restful stay at Shakila Safari Tents.

The Shakila Entrance can be accessed through the middle gate that is closed but not locked.  Gates are to be kept closed.


7 Days prior to stay any cancellation or changes made to your booking will be subject to an additional R30 for administration fees.

Shakila Safari Tents do not have ATM nor Credit Card facilities.  All administration and payments are to be finalised before arriving at Shakila Safari Tents, Modimolle.

There are no Restaurants.   However, information can be obtained from the office.  Modimolle and Bela Bela do have restaurants that can be recommended.

Any amendments to the reservation number of Guests  (total of people that will visit the site)   must be confirmed with the Admin Office.


  • Please confirm Proof of Payment to info@shakila.co.za in line with the date provided on the booking and reservation document. 
  • Link the payment to the booking reference number (SHAKILA/FS …. And date) ) on your deposit slip.
  • If you are making a cash deposit in the Shakila Bank account, please ask the bank for the cash deposit fee and add it to this invoice

Important  :   Reservations are only confirmed upon receipt of proof of payment confirming that the amount is paid.   Please add your Reservation number (FSZGF ….) as Reference number on your deposit slip.

     Maps, directions will follow.

     Any amendments to the reservation and number of guests must be confirmed with the booking agent, as applicable,  7 days prior to stay.

     If a 50% Deposit has been paid,     the remainder must be paid into the same account 10 days prior to arrival.  No cash will or can be accepted at the Shakila Safari Tents arrival.  If problems occur, kindly discuss this matter with the Administration Manager Theunis and or Carol Kruger.  (See contact list)

Please note that any credit arrangement is valid only for 6 months.  Enquiries to be referred to the Administration Managers - Theunis and Carol Kruger.